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SkandSoft Technologies - CASE STUDIES




RFID in Asset Management                                                                                                            (290 KB)


SkandSoft – SETU – Asset Management Solution                           (1.38 MB)


RFID in Document Management                                            (122 KB)


RFID in Visitor Management                                                  (123 KB)






Adaptive SCM on SAP R3 Case Study (M&M Brief)                                                                                                                                                  (203 KB)


Adaptive SCM on SAP R3 Case Study  (M&M Detailed)                                                        (520 KB)                                            (2.95 MB)



RFID in Container Management                                              (125 KB)



RFID in Warehouse Management                                           (225 KB)


SkandSoft – SETU – Warehouse Management Solution (WMS)                                                (2.07 MB)


RFID in Supply Chain Management                                                                        (246 KB)



RFID in Intelligent Manufacturing                                            (291 KB)


RFID in Auto Manufacturing                                                           (248 KB)


Automotive Industry Magazine RFID in Auto Case Study                                 (90 KB)



RFID in Airport Management                                                  (491 KB)

RFID Banking Solution (Power Point)                                                          (2.75 MB)



RFID in BPO Industry                                                           (225 KB)



RFID in Prison Management                                                  (113 KB)



RFID in Hospital Management                                               (250 KB)


RFID in Pharma Industry                                                        (300 KB)


RFID in Blood Bank Management                                          (133 KB)



SkandSoft SETU Integration with GPS/ GIS                                          (163 KB)




RFID in Retail                                                           (246 KB)


SETU(TM) Adaptive Retail Solution (Power Point)                                              (2.6 MB)


SkandSoft – SETU – Adaptive Retail Solution (Basic)                   (1.01 MB)


SkandSoft – SETU – Adaptive Retail Solution (Basic W/O SETU screen shots)                (2.09 MB)


RFID Retail CLP POC                                                   (184 KB)



Retail – Customer is King by Homi Limbuwala                               (116 KB)


Retail – Customer is King by Homi Limbuwala

RFID Solutions Online Website – ({5F0B3BB1-7AB5-4426-816D-49AD79A6D784}
Password: lahubeun


SkandSoft Technologies SETU™ is the recipient of the prestigious Frost & Sullivan, 2006 RFID Emerging Technology of the Year Award, 2007 Market Leadership in RFID Middleware Award. SETU™ has also been certified by SAP as "Powered by SAP NetWeaver™ and "Certified for SAP NetWeaver™", and is an EPCglobal certified RFID Software (EPCglobal standards have been ratified by ISO). SETU™ has incorporated the Wal-Mart and US DoD Mandates for RFID.

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