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HOMI LIMBUWALA - Introduction

Good Morning,
Hope you are doing great.

I am currently engaged as a consultant for SkandSoft Technologies, a Global RFID/ AIDC/ GPS Middleware Company, headquartered in
India as I have relocated back to the US permanently after getting my US Green card. I am currently looking out for Full time position where I can make a difference with my varied experience.

I am open to relocation anywhere in the
US, I can also travel within the US and Internationally. I am also open to International assignments as well. I have made multiple Business trips to Hanover, Berlin, London, Scotland, Dubai, Bahrain, Oman, Singapore, Beijing, etc.

I have a positive and a can-do attitude. I am very detailed, methodical and processes oriented. I am a good people person and have good experience in managing and leading
Business, Technical, Implementation teams, vendor selection, contract negotiations, etc. I am always ready to take ownership of challenging assignments & getting them completed on time.

I always strive for perfection and make things happen, I have an eye for a detail; I am great at multi-tasking. I lead by example to motivate my teams, to achieve perfection in whatever they do. Whatever I take up I strive to excel at it. So far, I have excelled at every position that I have held. All my bosses have the highest regards for my work and my ethics. I am always up for a challenge and never back down, I get things done.

I have over eighteen years work experience; 13 years in the US (1990 to 2002) and 5 years in India, with a focus on Aviation, Engineering, Retail & Information Technology (IT) industry. I am very good at improving existing lines of business & coming up with new business strategies/ technical ideas, leading the Implementation of the new lines of business & integrating them to boost existing business.

I have a strong technical background with experience in computer related technologies, exceptionally good understanding of the latest technologies and integrating them to current requirements.

I am an Airframe & Power-plant Aeronautical engineer, a certified Private Pilot, with a Masters Degree in Labor Management; I have also completed multiple courses in computer related technology like MCSC, CCNA,
CNE, RHCP, Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), RFID, etc. I love to learn, and so I keep undertaking additional training to further educate myself. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D.

I was most recently working for SkandSoft Technologies, an award winning Global RFID/ AIDC,
GPS based Middleware Company headquartered in India. SkandSoft Technologies middleware SETU™ has received EPCglobal software certification for Gen2 standard that have been ratified by ISO; won 2 Frost & Sullivan RFID based awards and have multiple SAP certifications.

As a Sr. member of the team at SkandSoft technologies, an advanced stage well funded Startup Company; I was very integral to the success of the company. I was the 12th employee of the company. Being a startup company, I had to wear multiple Caps and take up challenging responsibilities to guide the various teams.

I have traveled extensively around the world on Business meeting with top level management, and representatives of the heads of Government, representing my company for conferences and business meeting with Clients and partners for projects all over the world, especially in the
Middle East where there is a lot of activity from Corporate, Government and even the Kings Palace.

I play a very strategic role at SkandSoft; I was the right hand of Kaushik Yegnan (MD/ CEO) and report only to him. I lead multiple projects for our company.

Headed all the special strategic projects from start to finish.
Headed a very high level SAP initiative for SAP XI (Exchange Infrastructure)
Headed International business development & strategy
Was the acting CIO of the company and oversee all the internal and external documentation/  
      company information. Steering all company policies for SI, Partners, etc.

Headed all Global System Integrator (SI) partnership management with companies such as IBM
      Global Service, Siemens Information Systems Ltd. (SISL), TCS (TATA Consultancy Service), etc.

Managed the Global Hardware partner program with companies like Motorola, Printronix, Alien,
      Checkpoint systems, Brooks Automation, etc., building strategic relations with them.

Advisor to the Architecture, Technical and implementation teams.
Steered the company through major changes, we have just setup up strategic partnerships to
      develop RFID/ AIDC based custom Global solutions for
Facility management, Amusement parks,
      Aviation MRO, Airport Security & Asset Management, Airline Baggage Tracking, etc. and
      combining GPS technology where possible
Worked on the SETU™ patent documentation
I have represented my company SkandSoft for business meeting with Clients and partners for
      projects all over the world, especially in Europe and the Middle East where there is a lot of RFID/
GPS activity from the Government and even visited the Kings Palaces.
I have a lot of business contacts in Europe and the Middle East that can help develop new
      business in the Middle East market, which is about to explode for the RFID/ AIDC/

Worked on and led Projects for SPANCO Europe, SPANCO Middle East. (Multiple Business trips
Hanover, Berlin, London, Scotland, Dubai, Bahrain, Oman, Singapore, Beijing, etc)
Worked on SPANCO – Great Wheel (Singapore Flyer) initiative.

I have authored multiple Articles that have been published in multiple magazines globally. I am including a list of the published Articles that I have written.

You can get the entire list of published articles from:

You can get my detailed RESUME & Covering Letter at: http://www.homilimbu.com

You can also review my profile on LinkedIn at:

I am currently located in
Dublin (next to Stephenville) which is 60 miles south of Fort Worth, Texas. I am available to interview immediately.

Thank you very much and have a great day.

Homi Limbuwala
254-445-4381 (Home)
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